Architect Seals & Stamps

Like most licensed professional's, architects are required to purchase an architect seal. Seals are used on plans, specifications, or reports prepared or issued by the architects or individuals working under their direct supervision.

Options on applying the seals, acceptable by many State Boards for Architecture include:

Architect Stamps - a stamp applied to an original drawing or a copy, available in self inking, pre-inked and rubber stamps.

A sheet on which the seal has been printed, usually as an integral part of the title block.

Architect Seals - affixing a pressure sensitive raised image or adhesive label on which the seal has been printed.

Electronic reproduction incorporated into a computer-generated drawing.

Architect Stamp an Seal requirements are guaranteed to meet the state boards approval. If you have information other that what is shown on the order pages please email the changes or fax the information. Visit our stamp information to select the proper stamps.

Architect Seals & Stamps for all states

Alaska architect stamps registered architect seals

We process and ship all orders within 24 business hours from when the order was received. All products come with a 100% guarantee to be mechanically sound an that items will be approved by the respective state board.

Shipping is available world wide. Shipments to the lower 48 states by default ship UPS ground. Other shipping options can be selected while checking out. International shipments to include Alaska or Hawaii ship by US mail unless otherwise specified.

Items are engraved using vector graphic files an the latest in laser technology. Our laser specialists are adept using various graphic formats an programs to ensure the highest quality for items sold.

Shipments are picked up daily and ship from Dallas Texas. Individuals on the Pacific & Atlantic states should allow 5-7 days for ground shipments. Items shipped within Texas will be taxed, shipping time is 1-5 days.

Additional information for architect seals, questions or to order by phone, contact our customer service group.

Last Modified March 7, 2005

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