Professional Engineer Seals and stamps

The purpose an use of professional engineer seals. Upon issuance of a professional license, each holder is required by most states to obtain a seal meeting the state requirements. The purpose of the engineer seal or stamp is to assure the user of the product that the work has been performed or directly supervised by the professional named and to delineate the scope of the professional’s work.



Engineer Seals obtained or used by license holders shall be capable of leaving a permanent ink or impression representation on the engineering work. Each state mandates seal types an sizes required including embossed, stamped or electronically generated images.

All products are guaranteed to meet the respective state board requirements as well as design.

Professional Embossing Seal Selections:

  • Hand Held
  • Standard Desk
  • Long Reach
  • Stamp Selections:

  • Traditional rubber stamps
  • Pre-inked stamps
  • Self Inking stamps
  • Stamp pads and inks
  • Professional Engineer Requirements.

    For state selections visit our site map to select the proper state to order.

    All products sold are guaranteed to meet the respective state board requirements and against manufacture defects. Items ship within 24 business hours or same business day if ordered by 11:00 CST. Visit our order pages for the Land Surveyor and Architect items. Our custom online cart allows purchases for multiple state, disciplines or professions with one easy check out combined for one shipping charge.

    Visit our professional stamp information page to select the proper stamp for your needs. We offer several types to include pre-inked, rubber an self inking. Our supplies also include specialty inks an pads with various colors to choose from.

    All embossers are mechanically guaranteed to last for thousands of impressions. Embossing seal dies are cut with a laser to improve quality, durability an accuracy of each impression.

    We have been producing professional items since 1978 with world wide shipping and a customer satisfaction guarantee and pricing at a very reasonable an competitive rate. Customer satisfaction is our goal.

    Shipping methods include UPS, FedEx or U.S. Postal service for outside the continental U.S,. Commercial carriers are preferred for the purpose of tacking and insuring all orders are delivered properly.

    Customer service folks are available during normal business hours to assist in you purchase or questions.

    Professional engineer seals & stamps are available for all states not having specific vendors items must be purchased through. Order pages for your professional engineer seal and stamp offer a preview before you purchase, changes can be done or state changes are gladly accepted.

    Last modified January 6, 2015

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